Taming the Bewilderness

When I first started helping my son, balancing the costs of therapy with the family budget was really hard. Already being on maternity leave, I didn’t have to decide whether to adjust my work hours and with time, realised the most affordable option for our family was for me to learn as much as possible from books and occasional therapy appointments, and then deliver the 20-40 hours of therapy each week myself. With rising living costs and long wait lists, I don’t know if today I could make the same choices. As I’ve been trying to think about how best to use this space, my goal has been to share ideas that helped my family, (recognising they aren’t going to work for everyone), and examples of how I use creativity to buffer the tricky times.

  • Sharing Stories and Songs

    Sharing Stories and Songs

    Looking back at some of the activities I shared with my son while I was helping him overcome his speech delay.

  • Early Days – Making Sense of Movement Programs

    Early Days – Making Sense of Movement Programs

    When we first started occupational therapy with an experienced therapist, I was assigned a series of movements to take my sons through. As I watched them complete the exercises, I realised they were re-enacting many of the natural movements of early infancy. For example, instead of tummy time to encourage ‘push ups’, they were being…

  • Self Care – Steiner Elf Ideas

    Self Care – Steiner Elf Ideas

    Colourful embroidery is one of the ways I unwind. If you would like to make your own Steiner inspired elf, you can find fantastic supplies at www.winterwoodtoys.com.au They stock a range of hand dyed felts and the wooden dolls you need. If you are unfamiliar with embroidery techniques, I use a combination of straight stitch,…

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