Toilet Training

If you research images of “Toilet Training Visual Schedule”, you’ll find a range of free toilet training aids you can pin on your toilet door to remind your child of the steps involved in toileting.
For a long time, my son would wipe his poo on the toilet wall, which didn’t stop with just these aids. In the end, a home-made drawing on the door that read “Don’t Touch Poo” along with the schedule made the difference. Another family bought portable toilets and placed them in different rooms of the house and the garden so their son could reach one easily during their training.
My son was nearly four when he self-managed toileting, and I cleaned a lot of smelly mess before then. I remember worrying he would never reach independence, but he did…so hang in there!
Tom’s Toilet Triumph” is a great introductory video, for you to watch with your child to prepare them for toilet training. You might also want to approach an Occupational Therapist with expertise in continence.

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