This site is for people waiting for autism early intervention services. It’s for families who need ideas to promote their child’s development and help assessing therapy options. It’s for carers who want to teach children a healthy understanding of sexuality and relationships and for people who are trying to work out how to care for themselves along the way.

“Warmly, Wren,” is my way of reaching parents without easy access to therapists, and people who don’t have lots of money for private therapists or activities. It’s to save you time by recommending great books and resources that will help you better use your therapy budgets. It’s a source of encouragement for you to make your own creativity and well-being a priority as you learn the skills to be your child’s most important teacher.

Warmly, Wren

Steiner felt crown and people wearing felt hat and cloak.

P.S. I have also created Taming the Bewilderness, a collection of ideas for buffering the tricky times, sharing what I’m learning and making sense of, and finding pockets of joy through creativity.

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